We have expertise in the following fields:

• Civil and Criminal Litigation

This is our core practice area. We accept and handle all-round litigation in the superior Courts (High Court and Supreme Court); Labour Court, Administrative Court, all lower courts and tribunals where lawyers have right of audience.

• Labour

We have vast experience in the labour and employment law. We have several cases at all levels starting with conciliation all the way to the Supreme Court.

• Conveyancing

We handle the legal process of transferring ownership rights, interests and title to immovable property, registration of all forms of bonds (Notarial General Covering Bonds, Mortgage and Surety Bonds), and the placing of caveats for our clients.

• Commercial Law

We represent clients in areas such as business, contract, property and company law. We are also able to assist clients in drafting a variety of agreements such as partnership agreements, shareholders agreements, joint venture agreements, employment agreements and a host of other commercial agreements regulating the relationship between partners in the commercial environment.

• Family Law

We have vast experience in dealing with divorce matters, domestic violence, estate planning, maintenance and any other family law matters.

• Mining Law

We regularly advise clients on all matters relating to local mining legislation, including but not limited to compliance, mining rights, i.e. applications and acquisition of rights.

• Debt Collection

We recover outstanding debts on behalf of our clients. We issue letters of demand, summons, obtain default judgments, issue warrants of execution against property, garnishee orders, and warrants of arrest for civil imprisonment for failure to pay debts.

• Estates Department

We deal with the administration of deceased estates, estate planning, drafting of wills and other testamentary disposition, drafting and registration of family trusts, and offer relevant advice in these areas. We are duly registered as Estate Administrators.

• Pro bono/Pro deo/ In forma Pauperis

We are committed to the communities in which our lawyers live and work, and helping those in genuine need is a big part of that commitment. Each year, our lawyers provide substantial hours of pro bono, pro deo or in forma pauperis legal services on issues as broad as the varied interests of our lawyers. Our dedication to helping the genuinely indigent to achieve justice is unwavering and the full resources of the firm are made available to serve such clients.